Monday, January 28, 2013

Viber on iPad 4

VIBER on iPad 4 Wifi + Cellular

Some are confused why they are told that iPad 4 is not capable of making calls and texts when it clearly says Wifi PLUS Cellular. The cellular feature (which the iPad will have a sim card slot), is for the 3g signal, so when you don't have Wifi in the area, you can use your phone carriers 3g signal (or 4g/LTE if available).

Well, lucky for Apple users, there's an awesome feature which allows them to send and receive text message & make & receive calls for FREE. iMessage lets you send text messages to iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch, and even Mac computers. The best part: If you’re texting over Wi‑Fi, it’s free and unlimited. For calls, you can enjoy FACETIME "You can tell them how you’re doing. Or you can show them. FaceTime on iPad 4 & iPhone 5 lets you have it both ways — and in more places, over Wi‑Fi or cellular networks.". The only thing that would make this unusable is when the person you're calling does not have an apple device. Let's face it, we have friends, family, & acquaintances who are not drawn to apple devices, most if not all are using android-based devices. If that's the case, you can always download VIBER from the appstore or google playstore.

Initially when you first launch viber on your iPad, it will have a note saying that Viber is not compatible with iPad yet, and they are working on it. Go ahead with setting-up your account from your iPad 4, because despite what the note says, it actually works! 1st picture is my actual iPad 4 and iPhone 5 in a call on viber, 2nd picture is my iPad 4 and Samsung s3 in a call on viber. Calls and text messages sent from viber are free and unlimited same as iMessage & Facetime, the nice advantage of Viber is you can call apple & non-apple devices. The apps mentioned will only work if you have Wifi or 3g/4g turned on.


  1. Hi there!
    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team. :)
    Thank you for your feedback on our application and service. We are glad to hear about users' experiences.

    Please feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions and comments, we'd be happy to assist.
    Hi there!
    Acesta este un membru al Viber echipa R & D. :)
    Va multumim pentru sugestiile dvs pe noastre de aplicare și de serviciu. Suntem bucuroși să aud despre experiențele utilizatorilor.

    Vă rugăm să nu ezitați să ne spui gandurile, intrebarile si comentariile, am fi bucuroși să ajute.

  2. The thing that I am skeptical is that it is not a native app for the ipad. It has the 2x button at the bottom.

    1. @Bethuel Selvin Raj -

      It's true - unfortunately at this stage Viber does not officially support iPads and iPods. We are considering to release a fully compatible version in the future, and when we have news we will let you know :)