Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Coach bag is made in China

Many are complaining about how almost everything is made in China. From gadgets, TV's, kitchen appliances, vehicles, and even "luxury" items. In this case, a well-known & loved brand COACH, has fallen into the category of CHINA made products, when their insignia says COACH Est.1941 NEW YORK. Their history reveals that coach was founded in 1941 as a family-run workshop. In a Manhattan loft, six artisans handcrafted a collection of leather goods using skills handed down from generation to generation.

While, I do not like the fact that most of the things around us are made in China, I understand why big companies such as coach, are teaming up with foreign manufacturers. If they haven't made the move, coach bags would be more expensive than what they are selling right now. Labor in China is cheap, quality can be better, but that's a different story. People complain, (including me), how expensive everything is nowadays, but that's just how things are, and if you can't get past that, then you're stuck in the past. If you don't like the fact that coach is now made in China, then don't patronize their products. Nobody is forcing you. So go buy a hermes bag, I would, if I could only afford it.  I buy coach products not because it's supposedly made in NEW YORK, or whatever country or state they're flagging. I buy their products because I love their designs, and because I can afford it. Besides, Philippine made products are getting quite expensive, bags and shoes included, I would rather buy a coach bag which is almost at the same price of our locally made bags. 

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