Tuesday, January 29, 2013

iPad 4 Luxury Case

My iPad 4 looks like a bible right now, so, I'm just looking for other alternatives. I hand-picked several iPad cases from coach that I would consider buying. I would look at other brands too, but have yet to hit the malls to check what's available and what's worth my money. I got a generic $25.00 (posted $15 earlier, oops) rotating book-case type cover for my iPad as a temporary case, but afraid the "leather" on it will chip away in a couple of months.

1.) Tattersall iPad Case-$148.00, pricey but I like the plaid design. For HIM, but I say for HER can be considered. or how's about for ME?

2.)Daisy Pop C Applique iPad case-$128.00, more for the ladies. I think it's fresh and would look nice on a white iPad. Black not so much.

3.)Signature Stripe ocelot iPad case-$128.00. Again for the ladies. Your iPad will surely catch some attention, though I'm afraid the case would have the spotlight this time.

4.) Coach heritage stripe tablet case-$128.00. It says for MEN. I would consider this unisex, at least in my opinion. 

5.)Varick nylon tablet case-$128.00. Four colors to choose from. I still think it's not just for the men. I would consider the black or blue case for my own. Except, the iPad might look like a bible again.


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