Friday, January 11, 2013

Coach bags wishlist 2013

I collected pictures of bags I would buy on coach's next sale, would hope the price goes down more. These are collections from previous coachs' sale. Top six on my list below:

1.)F20063 Ashley Hand drawn scarf print convertible hobo- I'm partial to brown, khaki and black colors but I really love the color combination on this bag. At $90.30 from $358.00, I wouldn't mind having this in my collection. Will be watching out for the next sale if it's still available. Last January 9 sale, it got sold out, but not really uncommon to see some items back on the rack.


2.)F48468 Madison Patent Small Bag- Black is still my color choice, and this small madison bag would be my priority should I decide to get another black bag. Price is not bad for $104.30.

 3.)F48554 Madison Patent Flap Clutch-I would probably choose the black clutch, then again the red one looks elegant. $94.50, pretty cheap for an expensive looking clutch.

4.)F19215 Signature stripe stitched patent framed carryall-5 colors to choose from, but the white one looks absolutely divine! $118.30 from $398.00 is not a bad price.

5.)F20056 Ashley gathered dotted op art carryall- Love the color, love the Op art print, don't love the price. If it went down to say, $122.00, I would definitely buy it. It's current price is $136.50 from $398.00.

6.) F20345 Ashley embossed croc carryall- GREEN! Love green, this screams attention, so if that's what you're going for, then this is the bag for you, or me? $146.30 is still pricey, I would definitely buy it at $130ish.

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