Monday, January 7, 2013

Samsung note II N7105 LTE

Here's something that would probably piss some people off.

Here in the Philippines, smart communications & globe telecoms launched the Samsung note II N7100 around 4th quarter of 2012 as a replacement of samsung S3 for their android phone line-up.

December 22, 2012, I was about to get a new line from globe and really wanted the samsung note II. As a comparison, and to prove that I am not biased (a bit partial to android based phones), I also had the new Iphone 5 reserved. The following day they told me both units were available, so in a hurry I went there to pick up ny new baby. I pretty much knew what samsung note can offer me as the platform is quite similar to my current phone S3, so I decided to let them show me the Iphone 5 first. It was a black unit, I almost fell in love with "apple", until I saw the scratch on the sides, turned it over and more scratches. I called my bro in law, who by-the-way, is a walking encyclopedia of smart phones, or anything techy, and asked which one I should choose. He said go for the iphone since its LTE ready.  Had to ask because samsung note II was winking at me about a foot away from my reach. I came home with neither of the phones. DEPRESSING. I certainly will not accept a scratched phone. And my bro in law  had me convinced not to get the note 2 N7100 as there are "rumors" that the LTE version will soon be available in P.I.

Anyway, before I left I said I wanted the white iphone 5 instead. Next day, my baby was crying for me to fetch her. So I did, in a hurry, literally.

Hate to admit it, but my bro-in-law was right. It hasn't been a month since I got my new iphone 5, & while window shopping today at SM mall of asia, two mobile stores had the new samsung note 2 LTE version up for display. Selling for P37,000 while the old version is at P28,900.

When I got my Iphone 5, I said I'll sell it once Note 2 LTE comes out. I don't think I'll be doing that just yet. Kind of getting used to the smaller & lighter package of the iphone 5, having had bigger phones in the past, and to add, I still have my samsung S3 which I'm stuck with for 30 mos.

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