Friday, September 20, 2013

Furla Mandarin ostrich-embossed leather 'Greta' large shopper tote

I've been wanting a Furla bag ever since I saw this in Rustan's Makati and Resorts world manila, both sell it at P23,500. It retails for $398.00 in plus taxes(CA sales tax) and shipping total of $446.05x 44=P19,626.2. For a measly price difference of P3,873.80, I think it would make sense to just buy it here in P.I. That P3,873.80 savings will just go to the shipping fee to the Philippines, plus you'll have to wait for it to get here, an average of a month, a good looonngggg month. When I make a purchase in the U.S, I always consider the savings I'll make and the hassle of waiting. If the price difference is about 40-50% less, I go for it, otherwise, I'll buy it here. Needless to say, I don't think I'll be buying this bag. Soooooo.....

Enter the Ostrich-embossed leather 'Greta' large shopper tote! My sister isn't really fond of ostrich embossed leather, she associates it with an animal who died from chicken pox before being skinned and made into a bag. Gory I know. My cousin Cris, isn't too partial to it either, prolly because of the chicken pox theory. But it's MY bag, in the end, I'll be the one stuffing it with my ginormous wallet (with no cash in it), chocolate & candy wrappers, make-up kit, paper works, receipts from year 2011, used tissue, you know, girl stuff.

The only thing that will tell you that it's FURLA is the metal detail at the center which has the FURLA logo written on it, other than that, it is a pretty simple leather bag, except it screams orange, plus, let's not forget the chicken pox details. Full price was $628 and at 50% off at, I just had to have it, pox and all!

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  1. goodluck, girl! I hope chickens died for this bag won't haunt you ;). Btw, it's different and it's YOUR bag. Have fun with it!