Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's talk about The "F" word

So let's talk about the "F" word, FAKE coach bags.
•The only websites owned and operated by Coach to sell Coach products online are www.coach.com and www.coachfactory.com. - Quoted from http://www.coach.com

FAQ'S-What you really need to know when buying coach products online and in the stores.

*Assuming you bought the bag in coachfactory.com or official coach outlet stores.

1.) Are the merchandise in coachfactory.com genuine coach products? Yes.*

2.) Is my coach bag fake because it has a serial number starting with "F" or "FS"?- No it's not, it simply means that bag is a factory product. *

3.) Is my coach bag fake because I bought it at their factory outlet?-No it's not, it simply means it's a factory product. coachfactory.com and the factory outlets, is owned and operated by coach.com*

4.) Is my coach bag fake because I bought it at a super low price?-No it's not, it simply means you were lucky coach factory was on sale when you bought it.*

The more important question we should be asking is, "Is there a difference between the quality of full-priced coach and the factory outlet products which are priced half off?"

Besides the obvious reason, full priced coach products from coach.com have a much better quality in terms of leather , textile & workmanship, even the stitching and detailing are noticeably better, at least when you have both the items on hand for comparison. Please bear in mind that coach.com also puts their items on sale. If you also notice, full-priced items will not be available at the outlet stores, if they were, it will be a rare find. Not too often though, some who do buy coach at full price gets a defective bag, it happens, there's always the return address for repair.

It wouldn't be practical for coach to claim that coach factory merchandise are fakes, as coach owns both coach.com and coachfactory.com. They are simply trying to reach out to consumers who are on a certain budget and the only way to do that is to make products more affordable. Plus, where do you think all the unsold item goes? Coach would certainly not let them gather dust in a closet somewhere.

Check out coach factory online, at the bottom right, just before security and privacy, is the direct link to their full priced products. You will also get this message on their factory online site when there is no sale at the moment:

Quoted from their Full-priced online store:


  • • Coach does not offer its products for sale through individuals, street vendors, internet auctions, independent boutiques, flea markets, or house parties. 
  • • The ONLY authorized store that Coach offers its merchandise for sale are:
    • º Coach Stores
    • º Coach Factory Stores
    • º Authorized Department Stores (see store locator of Coach.com)
  • Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


  • • The ONLY authorized third-party websites that sell Coach products are:
    • º Belk.com
    • º Bloomingdales.com
    • º Dillards.com
    • º LordandTaylor.com
    • º Macys.com
    • º Nordstrom.com
    • º VonMaur.com
    • º Coach.Ebay.com
  • Examples of websites that have sold counterfeit Coach products:
    • • Coachoutletfactory.com, Coachbags.biz, Coachoutletsbags.com
  • WARNING: Counterfeit websites often times use the word COACH in the URL and have content and a layout similar to www.coach.com
So in the meantime, unless Coach tells consumers that their factory products are fakes, I'll be holding on to the fact that their factory products are genuinely COACH. I have yet to hear a lawsuit against Coach for selling "fake" products from their outlet stores. I will be happy (or not) to know if there is one, so you let me know, okay?

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