Thursday, August 1, 2013

Anker Ultrathin iPad Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Aluminum Cover Case with Stand for iPad 4 / 3 / 2

I was looking for a decent looking bluetooth keyboard plus case for my iPad4, and came across this Ultrathin keyboard which retails for $29.99 with free shipping from amazon by Anker. Sure I could've considered a branded logitech keyboard, but it costs around $70.00 and above. I figured, the keyboard will not be used too often anyway. It will serve as a back up in case I don't have my laptop handy with me. In my opinion, an iPad can never top what a laptop can do, at least not now.

Bluetooth Specification: Bluetooth 3.0
Product Dimensions: 238 × 185 × 7mm
Product Weight: 272g
Standby Time: 60 days
Charge Time: 4-5 hours
Uninterrupted Work Time: 100 hours
Lithium Battery Capacity: 280mAh
Lithium Battery Life: 3 years
Key Life: 5 million clicks

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 - Stylish, lightweight, and super-slim (only 4mm thick) aluminum keyboard made to work with and fit your iPad 2, 3 and 4 perfectly.
- Fast and flexible USB charging method eliminates the hassle of replacing batteries; easily get your keyboard back up to full power in 4-5 hours.
- Uninterrupted work time of 100 hours; automatic sleep/wake mode triggered by opening and closing the case.
- Stand and stand-groove help secure and protect iPads; clip-and-go magnet.
- Great for writing messages and emails when you're on the go.

Keyboard and Case - All-in-One
Functions as the perfect keyboard for writing messages and emails when you're on the go, and works as a protective case when not in use.

Long Battery Life
The keyboard's built-in lithium battery can last for up to 100 hours of uninterrupted use, while its automatic power-saving function helps conserve power and ensures even longer use.

Sleep Mode
Enters sleep mode after 15 minutes of idle time to help conserve power, ensuring even longer use. To activate the keyboard, just press any key, and wait 2 seconds.

Hot Shortcut Keys
Basic hot keys, such as menu, search, and those related to Internet and entertainment functions (e.g. volume, brightness, etc.) greatly enhance user experience while reclining on the couch or in bed.

Low-profile Keys
Low-profile keys ensure comfortable and quiet typing, while the familiar Mac style matches your iPad perfectly.
  • Package Contents
  • Anker® Ultra-thin Keyboard / Cover for iPad, USB charging cable, user manual.

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