Monday, August 12, 2013

My nonexistent email invite from

Back in january, I wrote about how to get an exclusive email invitation from I provided the steps I went through, only to find out they were all failures. Since January 2013, till today, August 12, 2013, I have yet to receive an email from about upcoming online sale events, yet I am a registered member. Today, while  I was randomly checking my favorite online shops for sales and such, I logged in my coach factory account (not my cousins account), and it led me straight to their August 12, 2013 event. I don't know if I should be happy, or pissed off, because, when I checked my email address, I didn't find any invitation. So, basically, you can get in the sale event without receiving an invitation in your email. If you're already a member, but you have yet to receive an email invite, just log in your account in, and hope that it leads you straight into the sale, that is, IF they are indeed having an online sale event on that day.
Otherwise if you see the image below, either they don't have an on going sale, or they're not letting you in.
If you still haven't received an email invitation from coach, but is a registered member, and just want to check if there's an ongoing sale, just log in your account. If the image above is what it's showing you, visit my blog, to check for updates. Chances are, I've already posted the ongoing sale.

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