Thursday, August 1, 2013

Coach factory sale July 23, 2013

Late sale post!

Last July 23, coach was nice to me. I finally got a full set of matching bag, wallet, iPad 4 case and iPhone 5 case in their Signature stripe iKat print. While I had it soft reserved in my cart, I kept on browsing looking for an alternative, or maybe even something from a different design, hoping to find a complete set, but didn't. I got so distracted that I forgot to refresh my cart and caused the expiration of my reservation. There are two things I hate to see when shopping online coach's sale:

1.) Almost gone- item is being held at another customers shopping bag, if they don't check out before the 15 minute reservation, the item will be put as available again, and those trigger happy customers may get a chance to grab the item from your bag by constantly clicking ADD TO CART.
2.) Sold out- item is literally sold out, which means, even if you click on add to cart 100x, you won't have any luck stealing it from others cart, as they've successfully paid for it already. You'll have to wait for the next sale as some merchandise does get returned by customers, but it doesn't really happen often.

The only item in my cart that gave me trouble is the iPad case, it said ALMOST GONE. I clicked away, but in my mind, this isn't going to work, but with my last dying click, it went straight to my shopping bag. Imagine if I were in an actual store playing tug of war with another person. Ha!

With that, I called my cousin to have her pay for it, as I've mentioned from several of my previous posts, coach does not accept internationally issued CC's. I called her in the nick of time, as she was about to leave to pick up her son. By the time she gets back in front of her computer, my iPad case will be long gone. So now, I've got a full set. Really happy with my purchase!


I'm not really fond of wild coloured bags. I try to stick to plain, neutral colors, black, white, brown, maybe a few prints, but nothing too colorful. I always try to imagine myself wearing my printed colorful clothes, with my bag, and a simple mistake such as overloaded prints, can cause a fashion clash. End point, I'm boring. Then I met Coach's Ikat print. I may have gone overboard, as I bought a bag, a wallet, an iPad case and an iPhone 5 case, pretty much the whole line-up. Ugg, I'm such a dork. About the end of September, I shall see if colors aren't really meant for me, or I may have found a new friend in them. As of now, they're on their way home from the U.S to the Philippines. Anxiety is setting in.

PS: Don't get fooled by the picture, I had to cut and paste all of the items and merge it into one picture, as they don't sell it as a set. You can buy them individually. Also, on going sale is happening right now...

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