Monday, July 29, 2013

The death of my Samsung S3

It's been five long months since my last entry, and since then I haven't bought or seen anything online that is worth writing about, that, or I must admit, I got too busy with work. Sadly, this entry is neither funny nor exciting,  but it certainly proved that an "accidental" drop test proved that the gorilla glass display of Samsung s3 is perhaps scratch proof as it claims to be.

I had to say goodbye to my beloved Samsung s3 before my goal of letting it go AFTER one year, it fell three months short come this August. It sadly decided that it no longer wants to be with me, and just jumped out three feet from my lap, resulting to its early demise. Cracked camera lens cover (not the lens itself) is the main reason why I had to sell it.  No damage to the phone screen, nor the phone itself, not even a nick to the outside cover, camera functioning well, and the cracked camera lens cover didn't seem to affect the outcome of the photos taken. Eitherway, I had to have it repaired first, then sell to the highest bidder in an online community, but due to not having enough time to "meet-up" with complete strangers, I went straight to greenhills (where all the buying and selling of anything techy happens) after I had it repaired. In total, I salvaged about $300 from the Samsung s3 unit with box and accessories, including the dock the spare battery, not a bad deal considering I only paid $20 to have the lens cover replaced. Below is a picture of my Samsung S3 with all the accessories before I sold it.

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