Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4- My life companion!

So, with the early death of my samsung s3, like a phoenix, it was reborn to a Samsung Galaxy S4.

Honestly, if my S3 didn't get broken, I wouldn't have sold and exchanged it with the S4, at least not this soon. But now that I think about it, I'm kind of glad I did, I was so frustrated with the battery life of the S3, a full charge won't last half a day that I had to buy a spare battery. The spare battery helped some, but what I hate the most is waking up to a dead phone. That's exactly what I wake up to in the morning. It's also quite annoying to go through the trouble of removing the battery and replacing it with the spare at least once a day.

With the galaxy S4's battery packed with more juice at 2600 mAh, it lasts one full day with 3g and wifi on, moderate calls, texts, and mobile surfing. I get to wake up to at least 20% battery left, without having the need for a spare battery.

I was also surprised at how light and oddly comfortable it felt in my hand, considering I'm a midget with small hands. Comparing it to the s3's contoured, more rounded exterior, which without a case, felt like butter that can easily slip from my grip, the S4's less rounded shape felt more secure to the hand.

The screen on the S4 is bigger, though after you get used to it, you hardly notice the difference from the latter.

This is actually a late post as I got my samsung s4 on July 2, 2013. It's been with me for a month, and I've had minor problems with it, which I will discuss a little later on.

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