Saturday, September 7, 2013

Coach Factory Sale Email Invitation

I made it! I made it to the list! I guess coach doesn't hate me after all. I don't know what happened, it was only recently that I posted about getting into the online sale WITHOUT receiving an exclusive email invitation from coach, then August 28, 2013, I started receiving them...Every 2-3 days. It may be considered spamming, but to us Coach fans, it's like receiving a love letter. A few days before I started receiving the email invites, I did offer to start adding people to the coach membership portal, did that help? I really don't know. But it's worth a try! So, for coach factory members who have yet to receive an email invite from coach, try inviting some of your friends to join. It would help if they actually complete the membership process. Good luck! And my sincerest thank you's to those who asked for their emails to be added to my coach membership invitation list.

1 comment:

  1. I just chatted with a Coach rep online, and she said that the Coach sale email invitations are sent out randomly and they can't be counted on. I was on the sale list for several months and then suddenly didn't receive them anymore. I don't know where to add friend to the list.