Friday, January 13, 2012


Okay, so you want to try online shopping? 

Things to consider:

1.) Credit Card/Paypal payments- Most U.S. based website accepts credit cards (Mastercard/Visa) or Paypal but normally require a U.S billing address. So please check before finalizing your order. I can assure you that accepts Philippine issued C.C's (BPI, BDO, EASTWEST BANK,SECURITY BANK) it's the shipping address that's a bit tricky.

2.) Shipping address- Do your research about forwarding companies based in the U.S where you can have the items you bought online shipped directly to them(U.S based address), and they'll have it delivered to you in the Philippines. You can choose between sea cargo or air cargo, depending on the service that the forwarding company is offering

3.) Shipping cost- It's not exactly cheap to have items shipped from the U.S to the Philippines. Some forwarding companies charge per POUND(LBS.), some per the size of the box. 

     AIR CARGO-The cheapest one I've used so far is $5.99 per pound (air cargo) with a 2 pound minimum, so if your item only weighed in at 1 lb., be prepared to pay the amount equal to 2 lbs, and this does not include a 12% charge for vat, and a $5 handling fee..A total of $18.42 shipping cost for a 1-2 lbs item. The weight of the BOX used to store your goods is also included in the weighing process, so it can really get expensive. 

  • PRO'S-Takes only one to two weeks delivery time for your item to get to the Philippines. 
  • CONS-Shipping fee can be quite expensive, specially if your item is heavy. No consolidation. They will ship as they receive your order.

     SEA CARGO-I'm not a big fan of having my items shipped via sea cargo as it takes such a  long time to arrive in P.I. Average time frame is 1.5 months, sometimes even 2 months. A small box would cost an estimate of $30. Sounds more expensive than air cargo? Not really, with sea cargo, you can CONSOLIDATE items, this would be perfect if you're planning on getting more than one item, or ordering from several websites. Normally, air cargo will be shipped as soon as your forwarding company receives them, they will NOT wait for your other orders. Sea cargo waits for each and every item you order and pack them altogether in a box, waiting period is around 30 days (as I'm told by my brother who has his mind set at having his goods shipped via sea cargo). 
  • PRO'S-Consolidating orders is allowed (max 30 days). Cheaper shipping fee.
  • CONS-1.5 to 2 months average shipping time frame from U.S to the Philippines.