Friday, January 13, 2012


1.)AMAZON.COM - I've bought so many things from clothes, to watches, bags, electronics and pet supplies in, and so far so good, I've never had a problem with shipping, damaged goods, or whatnot. Amazon offers so many products, and at least for me, their online shop is almost complete, product-wise. More importantly, amazon accepts international credit cards! I pay my items using my internationally issued C.C, and have it shipped to my country via my favorite & trusted forwarding company, either via air or sea cargo.

2.)NORDSTROM.COM- Just like, nordstrom has made a name for itself in the online shopping world. They also accept C.C's that have an international billing address. Product-wise, well, they're more into clothes, accessories, shoes and the likes. I feel like they should've & could've offered more. Never had a problem with their shipping service, and never had any damaged goods sent to me.

3.)CIRCUITCITY.COM- Electronics, is one of my favorites when it comes to laptops and gadgets. They have a lot of electronic products that you can choose from, but like I said, my first priority when I go online shopping is to check their method of payment, and yep, they accept credit cards with an international address, and you can also check out with PAYPAL.

4.)VICTORIA'S SECRET.COM- Lingerie, VS products is my favorite when it comes to my intimate necessities. They're also the first online shop I visit when I need to replace my worn 3 yr old leopard undies. Do they accept international C.C's? Yes!