Sunday, December 30, 2012

Coach factory sale December 2011 Vs. December 2012

Every end of the year, around December 26 till January 1, Coach would send out mass emails to their loyal customers for their announcement of their BIGGEST factory clearance sale of the year. It is through exclusive email invites only for their online factory sale, but their physical store would probably have the same price as the ones in the website.

I will be comparing two consecutive years where we have purchased several bags and wallets through their online clearance sale.

December 28, 2011

We thought that purchase was well worth it, considering those bags cost $380 at their original price & dropped to $139.30, and the wallets at $218 dropped to $69.30. We had to pay for shipping $8.50 and tax at $43.14. All in all we thought it was a good deal. My cousin had to purchase it for me, as coach will only accept credit cards with a U.S billing address. The shipping address was also sent to her home address in the U.S. From there, we had it shipped VIA sea cargo, as I've mentioned from previous post, I'm not a fan of sea cargo, but had to because my cousin was also sending goods to her family in the Philippines that were quite heavy. It took about 2.5 months before the shipment arrived in the Philippines. You can just imagine my anxiety. I wanted my damned bags! Below is the order form.

This year the online factory clearance sale started a little bit early, December 26, 2012. Hand picked my items which took about 12 hours give or take, and had my cousin purchase it for me again the following day, but this time the shipping address that we used is my chosen forwarding company's address, and opted for AIR shipping (Never want to wait 2.5 months again). I was so happy it accepted the shipping address at first. So come December 28, 2012, we checked the status and it said, ORDER CANCELLED, (*sniff). We called coach, and the agent said it was because of the shipping address. I was literally fighting back tears as I was scared my well-chosen bags were sold out, coz it really does go quickly, but was lucky that 3 out of 5 items were still available, the other 2 was just a small $62 bag and a cheap $20 wallet, so I wasn't really disappointed to see that it sold out. I just replaced it with a bigger bag of same value. Funny enough, last year, we bought the bags December 28, 2011, & this year, because of the mishap with the shipping address, the final purchase date is December 28, 2012. I think it wasn't a coincidence, was really meant to happen that way.

Anyway, 2012 end of year sale was much nicer, bigger savings. Unlike last year, they now offered free shipping on orders $150 above, plus, another 10% off at checkout, as well as invite a friend through email, and when they buy something, you get another $10 off. Of course you can't run away from sales tax. Check the order form below.

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